CIRO’s Office of the Investor Releases Inaugural Blueprint

Media Release


Stephanie Teodoridis
Senior Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Specialist

Blueprint Focuses on Five Key Areas to Protect Investors

November 14, 2023 (Toronto, Ontario) – The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization’s (CIRO) Office of the Investor has published its Blueprint—a strategy designed to guide its actions and provide transparency on its areas of focus.

“This initiative marks a significant commitment to the investor perspective at CIRO and safeguarding Canadian investors, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable” said Karen McGuiness, Senior Vice-President, Office of the Investor, Member Intake and Innovation.

The Office of the Investor’s mission is to understand and inform investors and elevate their voice at CIRO. The Office of the Investor performs investor research, provides investor education and works to ensure that investor needs and concerns are heard and acted upon within the organization. CIRO has also identified this as an Annual Priority—to promote the investor perspective through the Office of the Investor and Investor Advisory Panel—and the Blueprint provides stakeholders with a clear vision of the Office’s mission and its dedication to supporting investors.

Recognizing the complexities and challenges facing Canadians today, the Blueprint focuses on better protecting investors through five key areas:

  • Financial Challenges Facing Canadians and the Impact on Investing
  • Complaint Handling and Investor Redress
  • The investor/Advisor Relationship
  • Fraud, Scams and Financial Exploitation
  • Investment Decision Making, Risk and Suitability

“The Blueprint lays the foundation for key areas the Office of the Investor will focus on,” said McGuiness, “Not only does the Blueprint underscore CIRO’s dedication to this mandate, but it ensures that the strategies and activities of the Office of the Investor are transparent to Canadians.”

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