Case Center

Case Center (formerly CaseLines) is an online platform used for document sharing and presentation in hearings. Case Center is an online platform that provides secure and easy access to case materials during hearings. It allows users to share, mark-up and present documents - all from the same secure cloud location.

In CIRO’s electronic and hybrid proceedings, Case Center is used alongside with Webex, a video conferencing platform.

For more information on CIRO’s electronic and hybrid proceedings, see the Hearing Committee Best Practices for Electronic Proceedings and In-Person and Hybrid Hearings Protocol.


For admin support regarding your case, best practices and general questions about the use of Case Center, contact the Hearing Office at [email protected].

For technical assistance with Case Center, contact Thomson Reuters’ technical support at 1-800-290-9378 and select “Case Center” when you reach the directory or email at [email protected], available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET (Monday to Friday).