Policy Initiatives

CIRO is responsible for developing and amending rules and guidance applicable to the firms and marketplaces we regulate. Our goal is to ensure our rules are current and effective in protecting investors and supporting market integrity, without imposing undue regulatory burden.

Our Policy Initiatives Update Report (PDF) describes the policy initiatives for rules and guidance that we anticipate implementing over the next 12 months and/or that we have published for comment. For each initiative, we have provided our estimate of when Dealer Members may be required to take appropriate action. The information will help our Dealer Members to plan for and/or respond to policy initiatives on a timely and efficient basis.

Except for initiatives where we have published an Implementation Notice or Notice of Approval with an effective date, all next step dates are CIRO staff’s best estimate.

Policy Development Process

Our rulemaking process includes:

  • internal research and development
  • stakeholder consultation
  • approval by the CIRO Board of Directors to publish for public comment
  • publication of the proposal for public comment
  • consideration of all public comments received
  • approval of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)
  • publication of rule approval and implementation

Sources of potential rule development projects include our members, other stakeholders, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) or CIRO internally.