National Council and Regional Councils

CIRO’s advisory committee structure includes the National Council and seven Regional Councils comprised of individuals from our Dealer Members from each of those regions.

The role and the mandate of the Regional Councils and the National Council is to reflect regional issues and bring diversity of thought and ensure cross country industry representation in the larger eco-system of CIRO advisory committees. Regional Councils may also strike sub-committees on specific matters as well as they deem appropriate.

Each of the Pacific, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Regional Councils is comprised of four to twenty members, including a Chair and Vice-Chair, elected at the annual meeting of Dealer Members of the Region. The Regional Councils advise CIRO by providing regional perspectives on national or any other issues and thoughts on regulatory policy matters.

The National Council is comprised of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of each Regional Council and acts as a forum for cooperation and consultation among the Regional Councils. The National Council reports to CIRO’s Board at least annually.