Elsa Renzella

Elsa Renzella
Senior Vice-President, Enforcement and Registration

As Senior Vice-President, Enforcement, and Registration Elsa Renzella oversees several departments, which all play a critical role in CIRO's investor protection mandate.

The Registration department ensures that individuals approved by CIRO satisfy certain suitability requirements including minimum proficiency and integrity standards. CIRO’s Enforcement department ensures Approved Persons and dealers who employ them are appropriately disciplined when there is a violation of Investment Dealer, Universal Market Integrity and/or Mutual fund Dealer Rules. Elsa also oversees the Complaints and Inquiries team, the primary contact for investor inquiries and complaints for the CIRO Investment Dealer division and works closely with Enforcement in identifying potential regulatory misconduct.

In 2002, Elsa joined IIROC’s predecessor organization, the Investment Dealers Association, as Enforcement Counsel and later assumed various management roles including Director, Enforcement Litigation and Vice-President, Enforcement.

Elsa has extensive litigation experience, including work in private practice with a criminal defense law firm before starting her career in regulation. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from York University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School.