Investor Questionnaire

What kind of Investor are you?

Begin to Learn More About Your Investor Profile: Before you invest, it’s important to understand what kind of investor you are which means knowing your willingness and ability to accept risk, your investment time horizon and your objectives. Try the Investor Questionnaire to begin to learn some insights into factors such as your investment time frame and your comfort level with investment risk. While this questionnaire can serve as a useful starting point for discussions with your financial advisor, it’s important to understand that this is a not a substitute for a thorough risk assessment with a financial advisor.

Terms of Use: This questionnaire is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It does not constitute financial or investment advice, nor should it be relied upon as such. When it comes to investing, we strongly recommend consulting with a registered investment advisor for personalized guidance.

Investment Time Horizon:

The length of your investment time horizon impacts the types of investments that may be suitable for you. Investors with a time horizon of greater than three years have a greater degree of flexibility when building a portfolio (although risk tolerance and investment objectives must also be considered). If you have a very short time horizon, more conservative investments like GICs or money market funds may be the only suitable option for you.

1. When do you expect to need to withdraw a significant portion (1/3 or more) of the money in your investment portfolio?