Rule Consolidation Project – Phase 1


The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) is publishing for comment Phase 1 of its Rule Consolidation Project rule proposals. The Rule Consolidation Project will bring together the two member regulation rule sets currently applicable to investment dealers and to mutual fund dealers into one set of member regulation rules applicable to both categories of CIRO Dealer Members.

The objective of Phase 1 of the Rule Consolidation Project (Phase 1 Proposed DC Rules) is to establish a framework for the development of consolidated rules that will apply to all CIRO Dealer Members. The consolidated member regulation rules will be known as the CIRO Dealer and Consolidated (DC) Rules.

The Phase 1 Proposed DC Rules establish the DC Rules structure, which involves the adoption of:

  • rule interpretation provisions,
  • definitions of common application throughout the rules,
  • rule exemption provisions, and
  • general standards of conduct applicable to all activities of the dealer and their employees and Approved Persons.

Date opened: October 20, 2023

Date closed: December 19, 2023

Status: Concluded

Bulletins about this consultation: