Custodial Agreements (Investment Dealers)


Dennis Dirksen  
Manager, Financial & Operations Compliance  
Telephone: 416-943-6973  
Email: [email protected]

Approved Fund Managers as of August 31, 2023

"In the administration of these custody agreements, CIRO carries out due diligence to ensure that the custodial agreement is in the prescribed form and is executed by those in authority. Copies of the agreements on file are available upon request. It remains the responsibility of Dealer Members to monitor the custodian for ongoing compliance as an acceptable securities location and to carry out product due diligence and suitability assessment of investments sold to clients."

 Fund Manager  
Funds covered by agreement
11832 Asset Management L.P. (Dynamic Funds)  
Includes Deposit accounts
CanadaMutual Funds / Hedge Funds / LSF's
23IQ CORP.  
3IQ Corp.
CanadaPooled Fund
3Aberdeen Global Services S.A.  
Aberdeen Global II Funds  
Aberdeen Global Funds
OverseasMutual Fund
4Accilent Capital Management Inc.  
Capsure Hedged Oil and Gas Income & Growth Trust
CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
5Acker Finley Asset Management Inc.  
CanadaMutual Fund
6ACM Advisors Ltd.  
ACM Commercial Mortgage Fund
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
7Addenda Capital Inc.  
Addenda Pooled Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
8AGAWA Fund Management Inc.  
AGAWA Fund I Limited Partnership
CanadaLimited Partnership
9AGF Investments Inc.  
Acuity family of mutual funds  
AGF Pooled funds  
AGF Elements family of mutual funds  
Harmony family of mutual funds  
AGF family of mutual funds  
Acuity Pooled funds
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
10AIP Asset Management Inc.  
AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
11Aldergrove Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
12Algonquin Capital CorporationCanadaLimited Partnership
13Aligned Capital Partners Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
14Alignvest Capital Management Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
15Alignvest Student Housing Real Estate Investment Trust  
Alignvest Student Housing REIT
16Alitis Investment Counsel Inc.  
Alitis Mortgage Plus Fund  
Alitis Private REIT
17AlphaFixe Capital Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
18AlphaNorth Asset ManagementCanadaMutual Fund
19Altema Asset Management Inc.  
Altema Diversified Equity Market Neutral Fund
CanadaHedge Fund
20Altervest Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
21Altrust Investment Solutions Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
22Anson Funds Management LP  
Anson North Star Trust
CanadaPooled Fund
23Antares Investment Management, Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
24Antrim Investments Ltd./Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd.  
Antrim Balanced Mortgage Fund Ltd.
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
25Arrow Capital Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
26Artemis Investment Management Limited  
Robson Alpha Scout Fund  
Alpha Scout Fund and RSP Fund
CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
27Arxnovum Investments Inc.  
Arxnovum Bitcoin Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
28Aryeh Capital Management Ltd.  
Aryeh Capital Partners Canada, LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
29ATB Investment Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
30Auspice Capital Advisors Ltd.  
Auspice Diversified Trust
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
31Aventine Management Group Inc.  
Aventine Canadian Equity Fund  
BTH Tactical Growth Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
32AWM Diversified Mortgage Investment CorporationCanadaMortgage Investment Fund
33Axcess Capital Advisors Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
34AYAL Capital Advisors Limited  
AYAL Capital Advisors Trust Fund
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
35B.E.S.T Investment Counsel Limited  
The Business, Engineering, Science & Technology Discoveries Fund Inc.  
B.E.S.T. Active 365 Fund LP  
B.E.S.T. Total Return Fund Inc.  
NB Specialty Finance Income Fund (CAD)
CanadaMutual Fund
36B2B BankCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
37Baker Gilmore & Associates Inc.  
Baker Gilmore & Associates Pooled Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
38Bank of America, National Association (Canada Branch)CanadaGIC's
39Bank of CanadaCanadaOther
40Bank of MontrealCanadaInvestment Savings Account / GIC's
41Bank of Montreal Mortgage Corp.CanadaGIC's
42Bank of Nova Scotia  
Scotia Mortgage Corporation  
Bank of Nova Scotia  
Montreal Trust Company of Canada  
National Trust Company / Victoria&Grey MortgageCorp.
43Barometer Capital Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
44Barrage Capital Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund / GIC's
45Barrantagh Investment Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
46Bastion Asset Management Inc.CanadaInvestment Funds
47Bayxis Capital Management Inc.  
Bayxis Quantum Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
48BCV Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
49Bedford Park Capital Corporation  
Bedford Park Opportunities Fund
CanadaLimited Partnership
50Belco Private Capital Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
51Bellwether Investment Management Inc.  
Bellwether family of funds.
CanadaPooled Fund
52Beutel Goodman & Company LtdCanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Seg Fund
53BirchLeaf Investments Inc.  
BirchLeaf Growth Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
54Black Swan Dexteritas Inc.  
BSD Global Tech Hedge Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
55BlackBridge Capital Management Corp.CanadaMutual Fund
56BlackRock (Luxembourg) SA  
BlackRock Global Funds
OverseasMutual Fund
57BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited  
BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited
CanadaMutual Fund
58Bloom Burton Investment Group Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
59Bloom Investment Counsel, Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
60BloombergSen Inc.  
BloombergSen Partners Trust
CanadaMutual Fund
61Blue Couch Fund Administration Inc.  
Vector Mortgage Trust
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
62BMG Management Services Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
63BMO Investments Inc. / BMO Investissements Inc.  
BMO Mutual Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
64BMO Life Assurance Company  
BMO Guaranteed Investment Funds
CanadaSegregated Fund
65BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Linked Notes
66BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
67BMO Trust CompanyCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
68BNP Paribas (Canada)CanadaLinked Notes
69BNY Mellon Global Management Ltd.  
BNY Mellon Global Management Ltd. family of funds  
Universal Liquidity Funds PLC
OverseasMutual Fund
70Brandes Investment Partners & Co.CanadaMutual Fund
71Brandywine Global Investment Management (Canada), ULCCanadaPooled Fund
72Bridgeport Asset Management Inc.  
Bridgeport Cdn Equity Fund  
Bridgeport US Equity Fund  
Bridgeport High Income Fund
CanadaInvestment Funds
73Bridgewater BankCanadaGIC's
74Bridging Finance Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
75Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc.  
Bristol Gate U.S. Equity Fund LP
CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
76Brompton Funds LimitedCanadaMutual Fund
77Brookfield Investment Management (Canada) Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
78Brookfield Public Securities Group LLC  
Oaktree Strategic Credit Trust (Canadian Feeder)
U.S.Mutual Fund
79Brookfield Public Securities Group LLC/Brookfield Real Estate Income Corp.  
Brookfield Real Estate Income Corp.
80Brookfield Soundvest Capital Management Ltd.  
Soundvest North American Opportunity Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
81Brownstone Asset Management Inc.  
Brownstone US Dividend Equity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
82BT Global Growth Inc.  
BT Global Growth Fund L.P.
CanadaHedge Fund
83Bull Capital Management Inc.  
Balanced Class Shares  
Global Equity Class Shares  
Canadian Equity Class Shares  
EFG Private Portfolio Series ING
CanadaPooled Fund
84Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
85CADO Investment Fund Management Inc.  
Maple Leaf Income Class  
Maple Leaf Resources Class
CanadaMutual Fund
86Caldwell Investment Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
87Canada Life Assurance Company (The)CanadaSegregated Fund
88Canadian Tire Bank  
Canadian Tire Bank
89Canadian Western BankCanadaGIC's
90Canadian Western TrustCanadaMutual Fund / GIC's
91Canoe Financial LPCanadaInvestment Funds / Limited Partnership
92Canso Fund Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
93Capital Direct I Income Trust  
Capital Direct I Income Trust
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
94Capital International Asset Management Inc. (Canada) Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
95Capstone Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
96Cardinal Capital Management Inc.  
Cardinal Canadian Equity Pool  
Cardinal Foreign Equity Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
97Castle Ridge Asset Management Limited  
Castle Ridge LP  
Castle Ridge Market Neutral LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
98Celernus Investment Partners Inc.  
Celernus Absolute Growth Fund  
Celernus Mortgage and Income Trust Fund
CanadaHedge Fund
99Centurion Asset Management Inc.CanadaREIT
100Chou Associates Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
101Christopher Ross Cunningham Investments Ltd.  
CIG Value Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
102CI Investments Inc.CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Seg Fund
103CIBCCanadaMutual Fund / GIC's / Linked Notes
104CIBC Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Segregated Fund
105CIBC Investor Network  
CIBC Mortgages Inc.  
Services Hypothecaires CIBC Inc.  
CIBC Mortgages Inc. (FLT)  
CIBC Trust Corporation
106Cidel Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
107Clifton Blake Mortgage Income Fund Trust 
Clifton Blake Mortgage Income Fund Trust
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
108Coast Capital Savings Federal Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
109Coastal Community Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
110Community Trust Company Ltd.CanadaGIC's
111Concentra BankCanadaGIC's
112Connor, Clark & Lunn Funds Inc.  
CC&L fund family
CanadaMutual Fund
113Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
114Cornerstone Investment Counsel Ltd.  
Blueprint Global Strategies Pool  
Blueprint Enhanced Opportunities Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
115Cortland Credit Group Inc.  
Cortland Credit Strategies RRSP Fund  
Cortland Credit Strategies L.P.
CanadaLimited Partnership
116Corton Capital Inc.  
Corton Global Timber Fund L.P.
CanadaLimited Partnership
117Cote 100 Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
118Counsel Portfolio Services Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
119Covington Capital Corporation  
Covington Funds
CanadaLabor Sponsored Fund
120Covista Capital Corp.  
Covista Value Fund Trust
CanadaUnit Trust
121Cowan Asset Management Limited  
Cowan Absolute Return Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
122CQI Capital Management L.P.  
Genesis Partners Fund LP  
CQI Equity Opportunities Fund I  
CQI Equity Opportunities Fund II  
CQI Income Opportunities Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
123Credit Suisse AGOverseasLinked Notes
124Crimson Asset Management  
Crimson Partners Small Cap Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
125Crystalline Mgt Inc. / Gestion Cristallin Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
126Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc.  
Kipling Private Investment Portfolios
CanadaPooled Fund
127CWB Wealth Management Ltd.  
CWB Onyx Portfolio Series
CanadaMutual Fund
128Cypress Capital Management Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
129DaVinci Capital Partners Inc.  
DaVinci Alterntive Income Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
130Davis-Rea Ltd. / Davis-Rea Ltee.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
131De Luca Veale Investment Counsel Inc.  
DV Growth Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
132Deans Knight Capital Management Ltd.  
Deans Knight Income Fund  
Deans Knight Equity Growth Fund  
Deans Knight Equity Growth Fund II  
Deans Knight Capital Pool Funds
CanadaPooled Fund / Segregated Funds
133Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc.  
Delbrook Resource Opportunities Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
134Desjard. Cais. of Québec & Fédér. des Cais. Desjard. du QuébecCanadaGIC's
135Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Co.CanadaSegregated Funds / GIC's / Other
136Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Segregated Fund / GIC's
137Desjardins Société de placement inc.CanadaMutual Fund
138Desjardins Trust Inc.  
Maestral Funds  
GIC's - Formerly Zag Bank GIC
CanadaMutual Fund / GIC's
139Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC.CanadaMutual Fund
140Discovery Capital Management Corp.CanadaMutual Fund
141Dixon Mitchell Investment Counsel Inc.  
Dixon Mitchell Small Cap Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
142DMAT Capital Management Inc.  
DMAT Tactical Income Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
143Donville Kent Asset Management Inc.  
Donville Kent Asset Management
CanadaLimited Partnership
144Duncan Ross Associates Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
145Durham Asset Management Inc.  
DAMI Corporate Bond Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
146East Coast Asset Management SEZC  
East Coast SPC, Strategic Credit SP
CanadaPooled Fund
147East Coast Fund Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
148East West Investment Management Corporation  
East West Canada Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
149EdgeHill Partners  
EdgeHill family of funds.
CanadaHedge Fund
150EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc.  
Edgepoint family of mutual funds
CanadaMutual Fund
151Educators Financial Group Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
152Effort Trust Company (The)CanadaGIC's
153Emerge Canada Inc.  
Emerge ARK ETF
CanadaMutual Fund
154Empire Life Insurance Company  
Segregated Funds  
Interest investment options provided within an insurance contract
CanadaSegregated Fund
155Empire Life Investments Inc.  
Empire Life
CanadaMutual Fund
156EnTrust Focus Partners LP  
EnTrust 49 Focus Fund
CanadaUnit Trust
157Epic Capital Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
158eQuaTe Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
159Equilibrium Capital Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
160Equitable BankCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
161Equitable TrustCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
162Equiton Capital Inc.  
Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust
CanadaPooled Fund
163Equium Capital Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
164Espresso Capital IFM Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund / Labor Sponsored Fund
165ETF Capital Management  
Quintessence Wealth Group of Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
166Evolve Funds Group Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
167Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners Ltd.  
Broadview Dark Horse Fund  
Ewing Morris Small Cap Fund LP  
Ewing Morris Flexible Income Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
168Excalibur Capital Management Inc.  
Excalibur Limited Partnership  
Excalibur Small Cap Opportunities LP
CanadaHedge Fund / Limited Partnership
169Excel Funds Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
170Faircourt Asset Management Inc.  
Faircourt Dividend Fund (Mutual Fund)  
Faircourt Pooled Monthly Income Fund (Pooled Fund)
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
171Fairstone Bank of Canada  
XIB Fund
172Federated Investors Canada ULC  
Federated Strategic Value U.S. Equity Dividend Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
173Fédération des caisses Desjardins due QuebecCanadaLinked Notes
174Fidelity Investments Canada ULCCanadaMutual Fund
175Fiducie Desjardins Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
176Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc.  
Fieldhouse Pro Funds Inc.
CanadaMutual Fund
177Fiera Capital CorporationCanadaMutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled Fund
178FIL LimitedOverseasMutual Fund
179Financière des professionnels - Fonds d’investissement inc.CanadaMutual Fund
180First Ontario Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
181First Reliance Asset Management  
First Reliance Real Estate Investment Trust
182First West Credit Union Ltd.CanadaGIC's
183Fondaction, Le Fonds De Develop. de la Confed. des Synd. Nationaux pour la Coop. et L'EmploiCanadaMutual Fund
184Forge First Asset Management Inc.  
Forge First Conservative Alternative Fund  
Forge First Long Short Alternative Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
185Formula Growth Limited  
Formula Growth Hedge Funds Class F  
Formula Growth Fund  
Formula Growth Hedge Funds Class A
CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
186Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc.  
Forstrong Global Balanced Fund  
Forstrong Global Income Fund  
Forstrong Global Growth Fund
CanadaHedge Fund
187Fort LPU.S.Pooled Fund / Limited Partnership
188Forum Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
189Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.  
Family of Pooled Funds  
FGP Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
190Franklin Templeton International Services S.à.r.l.  
Franklin Templeton Investment Funds
OverseasMutual Fund
191Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.  
Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds  
Bissett Mutual Funds
CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Seg Fund
192FrontFour Capital Corp.  
FrontFour Opportunity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
193Frontwater Capital Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
194FT Portfolios Canada Co.CanadaMutual Fund
195Fulcra Asset Management Inc.  
Fulcra Credit Opportunities Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
196Gabelli Funds (The)U.S.Mutual Fund
197Galibier Capital Management Ltd.  
Galibier Opportunities Fund  
Galibier U.S. Equity Pool  
Galibier Canadian Global Equity Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
198Galileo Global Equity Advisors Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
199Galliant Advisors LP  
Galliant Equity Long/Short Fund LP
CanadaInvestment Funds
200General Bank of CanadaCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
201Genus Capital ManagementCanadaPooled Fund
202Gestion FeriqueCanadaMutual Fund
203GFI Investment Counsel Ltd.  
Good Opportunities Fund
CanadaHedge Fund
204Global Growth Assets Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
205Globevest Capital Ltee.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
206Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc.  
Onex Senior Credit Fund (Canada)  
GS+A Dividend Distribution Fund  
DS+A International Fund  
DS+A Premium Income Fund  
DS+A Premium Income Trust  
DS+A U.S. Equity Fund  
DS+A Global Special Situations Fund  
Blair Franklin Global Credit Fund (MFT)  
Onex High Yield Bond Fund (MFT)
CanadaMutual Fund
207Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc. (AC)  
Blair Franklin Global Credit Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
208Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel, Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
209Goodwood Inc.  
Goodwood Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
210Government of Quebec (for Placements Quebec)CanadaOther
211Grafton Asset Management Inc.  
Global Energy Growth Fund
CanadaUnit Trust
212Gravitas Securities Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
213Grayhawk Investment Strategies Inc.  
Grayhawk Fixed Income Pool  
Grayhawk Structural Alternatives Pool  
Grayhawk Core Pool  
Grayhawk Global Growth Pool  
Grayhawk Opportunistic Alternatives Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
214GreensKeeper Asset Management Inc.  
GreensKeeper Value Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
215Groundlayer Capital Inc.CanadaVenture Capital Fund
216Growth Works Capital Ltd.  
GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Ltd.  
Working Opportunity Fund (EVCC) Ltd.
CanadaLabor Sponsored Fund
217Guardian Capital LP  
Vector Funds  
Guardian Funds  
Vega Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
218Hamilton Capital Partners Inc.CanadaLimited Partnership
219Hamilton Lane (Canada) LLCU.S.Mutual Fund
220Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
221Haventree BankCanadaGIC's
222Hazelview Securities Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
223Hemisphere Capital Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
224HGC Investment Management Inc.  
CanadaLimited Partnership
225Higgins Investment Group Inc.  
Restricted to Uber Strategis LP and Goforth Technical Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
226Highstreet Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
227Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
228Home BankCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
229Home Trust CompanyCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
230HomEquity BankCanadaGIC's
231Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.CanadaUnit Trust
232HSBC Bank Canada  
Structured Alternative Investment Return Securities
CanadaMutual Fund / GIC's
233HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
234Hymas Investment Management Inc.  
Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund
CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
235I.A. Michael Investment Counsel Ltd.  
ABC Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
236I.G. Investment Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
237IA Clarington Investments Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
238IBV Capital Ltd.  
IBV Capital Global Value Canadian Feeder Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
239iCapital Network Canada Ltd.  
Unigestion Global Core Private Equity Fund, LP  
iCapital CBRE Global Infrastructure Access Fund, L.P.  
Owl Rock Core Income Trust  
iCapital KKR Private Markets Access Fund (Canada)  
iCapital-PG Partners Fund Access Fund  
Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust iCapital Canada Access Fund, L.P.  
TCC Alternative Access Trust Fund  
Hines Global Income Trust iCapital Canada Access Fund Trust  
iCapital-Carlyle Tactical Private Credit Access Fund (Canada), L.P.
CanadaPooled Fund
240ICICI Bank CanadaCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
241ICM Asset Management Inc.  
ICM (1X) Real Estate Trust
CanadaMutual Fund
242Industrial Alliance Pacific Insurance and Financial Services Inc.CanadaSegregated Fund
243Industrial Alliance Trust Inc.CanadaGIC's
244Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada)CanadaGIC's
245Industrielle Alliance, Assurance et services financiers inc.CanadaSegregated Fund
246Inflection Management Inc.  
Inflection Strategic Opportunity Fund
CanadaUnit Trust
247Innocap Investment Management Inc.  
Quadra Liquid Bond L.P.
CanadaLimited Partnership
248Innovation Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
249Invesco Canada Ltd.  
Investment Savings Accounts  
Segregated funds  
Investment funds  
Linked notes  
CanadaInvestment Funds
250Investec Asset Management LimitedOverseasMutual Fund
251Invico Capital Corporation  
Mini Mall Storage Properties Trust  
Levante Living Trust  
Invico Diversified Income Fund  
Avenue Living Real Estate Core Trust  
Invico Secondaries 2022 LP  
Avenue Living Agricultural Land Trust  
Tract Farmland Partners LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
252IvariCanadaMutual Fund / Segregated Fund
253J. Zechner Associates Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
254J.C. Clark Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
255Jarislowsky, Fraser LimitedCanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
256JDM Investments Partners Ltd.  
Investment Partners Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
257Jemekk Capital Management (2017) Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
258JM Fund Management Inc.  
JM Catalyst Fund
CanadaHedge Fund
259K J Harrison & Partners Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
260K2 & Associates Investment Management Inc.  
The K2 Principal Trust
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
261KAI Asset Management Inc.  
KAI Core Equity Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
262Kawartha Asset Management Inc.  
Kawartha High Conviction Resource Fund  
Kawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Inc.
CanadaMutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled Fund
263KEB Hana Bank CanadaCanadaGIC's
264Kensington Capital Advisors Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
265Kilgour Williams Capital Incorporated  
KiWi Private Credit Trust
CanadaUnit Trust
266Kingwest & CompanyCanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
267Kinsted Wealth Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
268KV Capital Inc.  
KV Mortgage Fund Inc.
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
269Langdon Equity Partners Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
270Laurentian Bank of Canada  
Includes B2B Trust term deposits
271Laurentian Trust of Canada Inc.CanadaGIC's
272Laurus Investment CounselCanadaPooled Fund
273LBC TrustCanadaGIC's
274LDIC Inc.  
Includes LDIC Closed-End Funds
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
275Le Fonds de Solidarite des travailleurs du Quebec (F.T.Q.)CanadaMutual Fund
276League Savings and Mortgage CompanyCanadaGIC's
277Legg Mason Global Funds PLCOverseasMutual Fund
278Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd.  
Leith Wheeler family of funds
CanadaMutual Fund
279Lester Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
280Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc. 
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.a
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
281Level 3 Investment Management Inc.  
Level 3 Total Return Opportunities Fund
CanadaPooled Fund / Hedge Funds
282Lightwater Partners Ltd.  
Lightwater Long/Short Funds
CanadaHedge Fund
283Lincluden Investment Management LimitedCanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
284LionGuard Capital Management Inc.CanadaLimited Partnership
285Lionridge Capital Management Inc.  
Lionridge Total Equity Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
286Longbow Capital Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
287Lorica Investment Counsel Inc.  
Lorica Canadian Fixed Income Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
288Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc.  
Steinberg Global Value Equity Fund  
Steinberg High Yield Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
289Lumen Asset Management Inc.  
Lumen Long Short Equity Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
290Lynwood Capital Management Inc.  
Lynwood family of funds
CanadaPooled Fund
291Lysander Funds LimitedCanadaMutual Fund
292M.Y. Capital Management Corp.  
M.Y. Cycles and Trends Macro Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
293Mackenzie Financial Corp.CanadaMutual Fund / Segregated Fund
294MacNicol & Associates Asset Management Inc.  
The Global Opportunities Fund (LP)  
The Emergence Fund (LP)  
The Conservative Income Fund (LP)  
360 Degree U.S. Reality Income Fund  
The Absolute Return Fund (LP)
CanadaPooled Fund
295Majestic Asset Management LLCCanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
296Manitou Investment Management Ltd.  
Manitou Investment Management Ltd.
CanadaPooled Fund
297Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (The)  
Deferred Annuities
CanadaGIC's / Segregated Fund
298Manulife Bank of CanadaCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
299Manulife Investment Management Ltd.  
Manulife Financial Corp. Family of Funds  
Manulife Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund - Pooled Fund, Limited Partnership
CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Seg Fund
300Manulife Trust CompanyCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
301Marquest Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
302Marret Asset Management Inc.  
CanadaHedge Fund
303Marval Capital Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
304Matco Financial Inc.  
MFI series of funds
CanadaMutual Fund
305Mawer Investment Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
306Maxam Capital Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
307MCAN Mortgage CorporationCanadaGIC's
308McElvaine Investment Management Ltd.  
The McElvaine Investment Trust  
The Osler Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
309McLean Asset Management Ltd.  
ROMC Trust
CanadaMutual Fund
310MD Financial Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
311Meckelborg Financial Group Ltd.  
MFG Diversified Strategy Fund
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
312Mercer Global Investments Canada LimitedCanadaPooled Fund
313Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.CanadaLinked Notes
314Metric Asset Management Limited PartnershipCanadaPooled Fund / Hedge Funds
315MFS Investment Management Canada LimitedCanadaMutual Fund
316Middlefield LimitedCanadaMutual Fund
317Montrusco Bolton Investment Inc.  
Bolton Tremblay Funds inc.
CanadaMutual Fund
318Morgan Meighen & Associates Limited  
Smedley Fund Family
CanadaPooled Fund
319Mortgage Company of Canada Inc.CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
320Mulvihill Capital Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
321Natcan Trust CompanyCanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
322National Bank Investments Inc.  
Includes PPN's
CanadaMutual Funds / GIC's / Inv. Savings Acct
323National Bank of Canada  
National Bank Trust GIC's  
Natcan Trust GIC's  
National Bank of Canada GIC's
324National Bank Trust Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
325National Trust Company  
Tourism & Entertainment Growth Fund Inc.  
Family of Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
326NCM Asset ManagementCanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
327Neighbourhood Holdings LP/Neighbourhood Holding Company Ltd.  
Neighbourhood Holdings Limited Partnership
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund
328Neuberger Berman Canada ULC  
NB Speciality Finance Income Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
329NewGen Asset Management LimitedCanadaUnit Trust
330Newport Private Wealth Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
331Next Edge Capital Corp.CanadaMutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled Fund
332Next Edge Capital Corp.  
Short Duration Fixed Income Private Wealth Pool  
Canadian Equity Private Wealth Pool  
Real Assets Private Wealth Pool  
U.S. Equity Private Wealth Pool  
International Equity Private Wealth Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
333Niagara Capital Partners Ltd.  
Niagara Access Alpha Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
334Nicola Wealth Management Ltd.  
NWM family of funds
CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
335Ninepoint Partners LPCanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
336North Growth Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
337Northern Savings Credit Union  
Terrace & District Credit Union
338Northpoint Investment Partners Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
339NorthStream Capital Inc.  
NorthStream Credit Strategies Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
340Northwest & Ethical Investments L.P.CanadaMutual Fund
341Nymbus Capital Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
342Oak Hill Asset Management Inc.  
Oak Hill Nexpoint Global Merger Arbitrage Plus Fund  
Oak Hill Nexpoint Global Merger Arbitrage Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
343OCP Fund Management LPCanadaLimited Partnership
344OGAM Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
345Onex Credit Partners, LLC  
Onex Credit Partners LLC  
OCP Debt Opportunity Class
CanadaPooled Fund
346Optimize Inc.  
Optimized Pooled Funds
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
347Optimum Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund / GIC's
348Outcome Metric Asset Management LPCanadaPooled Fund
349Palette Investment Management Inc.  
First Canadian Securities 2017
CanadaLimited Partnership
350Palisade Capital Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
351Palos Management Inc.  
Rendez-vous Global Equity Fund LP - $CDN and $US  
Palos Family of funds
CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
352Pathfinder Asset Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
353Peace Hill Trust CompanyCanadaGIC's
354Pembroke Private Wealth Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
355PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.  
Pender Value Fund II  
Pender Value Fund  
Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund  
Pender Special Situations Fund  
Pender Enhanced Income Fund  
Pender Alternative Absolute Return Fund  
Pender Alternative Arbitrage Fund  
Pender Corporate Bond Fund  
Pender Small/Mid Cap Dividend Fund  
Pender Global Focused Fund  
Pender Partners Fund  
Pender Income Advantage Fund  
Pender Emerging Markets Impact Fund  
Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund  
Pender Bond Universe Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
356Peoples Trust CompanyCanadaGIC's
357Perennial Asset Management Corp.  
Perennial Equity Portfolio  
Perennial Fixed Income Portfolio
CanadaMutual Fund
358Performance Capital Ltd.CanadaHedge Fund
359Periscope Capital Inc.CanadaPooled Fund / Limited Partnership
360PFM Venture Capital Operations Inc.  
SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc.
CanadaLabor Sponsored Fund
361Picton Mahoney Asset ManagementCanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
362Pier 21 Asset Management Inc.  
Pier 21
CanadaPooled Fund
363PIMCO Canada Corp.CanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
364PIMCO Global Advisors (Ireland) Limited  
PIMCO Funds - Global Investor Services
OverseasMutual Fund
365PineStone Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
366Pinnacle Wealth Brokers Inc.  
Pinnacle Listed Equity Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
367Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
368Pollitt Investment Counsel Inc.  
Plutus Super Flow-through Limited Partnership
CanadaPooled Fund / Limited Partnership
369Portfolio Stewards Inc.  
Stewardship Alternative Income Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
370Portland Investment Counsel Inc.CanadaInvestment Funds / Limited Partnership
371Pratte Gestion de portfeuillesCanadaInvestment Funds
372President's Choice BankCanadaGIC's
373Primevest Capital Corp.CanadaMutual Fund
374Prospera Credit UnionCanadaGIC's / Other
375Provisus Wealth Management LimitedCanadaPooled Fund
376Purpose Investment Partners Inc.  
AHF Credit Opportunities Fund - Series A, F and I
CanadaMutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled Fund
377Purpose Investments Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
378Pursuit Financial Management Corp.CanadaMutual Fund
379Putnam Investment Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
380Quadrant Asset Management  
QAM Tracking Pools
CanadaPooled Fund
381Quantum Leap Asset Management Limited  
Quantum Leap Mortgage Investment Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
382QV Investors Inc.  
QV Pooled Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
383Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
384R.E.G.A.R. Gestion Privée Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
385R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
386Radin Capital Partners Inc.  
Radin Capital Partners
CanadaPooled Fund
387Raintree Wealth Management Inc.  
Raintree Absolute Fund Class A  
Raintree Tactical Fund Class A
CanadaUnit Trust
388Ravenstone Capital Management Inc.  
Ravenstone family of funds
CanadaPooled Fund
389Rayne Capital Management Inc.  
Rayne Capital Opportunities Trust  
Rayne Capital LP  
Rayne Capital Opportunities Fund LP
CanadaPooled Fund
390RBC Dominion Securities Inc.CanadaLinked Notes
391RBC Global Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund/Hedge Fund/Pooled Fund
392RBC Life Insurance CompanyCanadaSegregated Fund
393Research Capital Corporation  
The Absolute Resource Company L.P.  
Grafton Energy Growth Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
394Resolute Funds Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
395Resolve Asset Management Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
396Return on Innovation Advisors Ltd.  
Pooled Funds
CanadaMutual Fund / Labor Sponsored Fund
397RFA Bank of CanadaCanadaGIC's
398Ridgewood Capital Asset Management  
Ridgewood Mutual
CanadaMutual Fund
399Roadmap Capital Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
400Robson Capital Management Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
401Rosalind Advisors, Inc.  
Rosalind Capital Partners L.P.
CanadaLimited Partnership
402Ross Smith Asset Management ULC  
Ross Smith Capital Investment Fund  
Ross Smith Cryptocurrency Investment Fund LP  
Ross Smith Opportunity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
403Royal & Sun Alliance Life Insurance Co. (Canada)CanadaSegregated Fund
404Royal Bank of Canada  
Royal Bank of Canada  
Royal Trust Corp.  
Royal Bank Mortgage Corp.  
Connor Clark Private  
Merchant Private Trust  
Royal Trust Company (The)
CanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
405Royal Trust Company (The)  
The First American Fund  
T.A.L. Private Management Pooled Funds  
The Protected American Fund  
Classified Investment Trusts  
First Trust Canada Funds  
RT Capital Inc.  
T.A.L. Investment Pooled Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
406RP Investment Advisors LPCanadaMutual Fund / Hedge Fund
407Russell Investments Canada Limited  
Life Points mutual funds  
Russel Group mutual funds  
Soverign mutual funds
CanadaMutual Fund
408Saguenay Strathmore Capital, L.P.  
Titan Masters Canada, L.P.
CanadaLimited Partnership
409Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. LLCU.S.Mutual Fund
410SBI Canada BankCanadaGIC's
411Scotia Capital Inc.  
Pinnacle family of funds - May 7-07  
Scotia Capital family of funds  
The Bank of Nova Scotia Structured Deposit Notes - Apr 26-07  
Cassels Blaikie Canadian Fund (U.S.)
CanadaMutual Fund
412Scotia Securities Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
413Seamark Asset Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
414SEI Investment Canada CompanyCanadaMutual Fund
415Seymour Investment Management Ltd.  
Family of funds managed by Seymour Investment Management Ltd.
CanadaPooled Fund
416Sherpa Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
417Shinhan Bank CanadaCanadaGIC's
418SIA Wealth Management Inc.  
SIA Wealth Management Private Investment Pools
CanadaPooled Fund
419Silvercreek Management Inc.  
Silvercreek family of funds
CanadaLimited Partnership
420Slate Securities L.P.CanadaPooled Fund
421Spartan Fund Management Inc.  
Spartan Fund Management Inc. family of funds  
Thales Fund Management Inc. family of funds
CanadaMutual Fund/Pooled Fund/Ltd. Partnership
422Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada (The)  
Ideal Segregated Funds  
Guaranteed Interest Rate Contracts
CanadaGIC's / Segregated Fund
423Standard Life Trust CompanyCanadaMutual Fund
424Stanton Asset Management Inc.CanadaHedge Fund
425Starlight Investments Capital LP  
Starlight group of funds
CanadaMutual Fund
426Steadyhand Investment Management Ltd  
Steadyhand Savings Fund  
Steadyhand Small Cap Equity Fund  
Steadyhand Income Fund  
Steadyhand Equity Fund  
Steadyhand Global Equity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
427Steepe & Co. Ltd.  
US Bridge Loan Fund Trust
CanadaMutual Fund Trust
428Steinbach Credit Union Limited  
429Stone Asset Management LimitedCanadaMutual Fund
430Successful Investor Wealth Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
431Sun Life Assurance Co. (Canada)  
Individual Variable Insurance Contracts
CanadaSegregated Fund
432Sun Life Financial Trust Inc.CanadaGIC's
433Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc./Placements mondiaux Sun Life (Canada) inc.CanadaInvestment Funds
434Sunshine Coast Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
435T.I.P. Wealth Manager Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
436Tacita Capital Inc.  
Private Pool
CanadaPooled Fund
437Tactex Asset ManagementCanadaInvestment Funds
438Tangerine BankCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
439Taylor Asset Management Inc.  
Taylor Partners Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
440TD Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Inv. Savings Account
441TD Bank Financial Group  
TD Bank - GIC's & Linked Notes  
The Canada Trust Compay - GIC's  
TD Mortgage Corp. - GIC's  
TD Pacific Mortgage Corp. - GIC's
CanadaGIC's / Linked Notes
442TD Securities Inc.CanadaLinked Notes
443Tempered Investment Management Ltd.  
Tempered Global Value Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
444Terra Fund Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
445The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company  
ADS Canadian Bank
CanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
446Third Eye Capital Management Inc.  
Third Eye Capital Alternative Credit Trust
CanadaPooled Fund
447Thornmark Asset Management Inc.  
Thornmark Investment Funds
CanadaPooled Fund
448Timelo Investment Management Inc.  
Timelo Strategic Opportunities Fund
CanadaLimited Partnership
449TIS Preservation & Growth Fund/Accilent Capital Management.  
TIS Preservation & Growth Fund Class A and Class F Units
CanadaMutual Fund
450Tonus Capital Inc.  
Tonus Partners Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
451Toronto Trust Management Ltd.  
Friedberg Mercantile Group family of funds
CanadaHedge Fund
452Tradex Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
453Tralucent Asset Management Inc.  
Tralucent Global Equity Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
454Trapeze Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
455Traynor Ridge Capital Inc.  
TR1 Fund lp
CanadaLimited Partnership
456Trez Capital CorporationCanadaIncome Trust
457Triasima Portfolio Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
458TriDelta Investment Counsel Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
459Triumph Asset Management Inc.  
Triumph Capital Appreciation Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership
460True Exposure Investments, Inc.  
TruX Exogenous Risk Pool, Series F, P and O units
CanadaMutual Fund
461Turtle Creek Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
462UBS Asset Management (Canada) Inc./UBS (Canada) Global Merger Arbitrage Fund  
UBS (Canada) Global Merger Arbitrage Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
463UBS Asset Management (Canada) Inc./UBS (Canada) Global Real Estate Fund  
UBS (Canada) Global Real Estate Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
464Ullman Wealth Management Inc.  
Ullman Wealth Management Fund Family
CanadaMutual Fund
465Value Partners Investment Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
466Value-Contrarian Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
467Vancity Investment Management Ltd.  
VCIM Bond Fund  
VCIM Canadian Equity Fund  
VCIM Income Fund  
VCIM Short Duration Bond Fund  
VCIM Global Equity Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
468Vancouver City Savings Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
469Vanguard Investment Canada Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
470Vantage Asset Management Inc.  
Vantage Protected Performance Fund  
Vantage Performance Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
471Venator Capital Management Ltd.  
Venator family of mutual funds
CanadaHedge Fund
472Veritas Asset Management Inc.  
VAM V List Plus Fund  
Veritas Long Short Fund  
VAM Signature Fund
CanadaPooled Fund
473VersaBankCanadaGIC's / Other
474Vertex One Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
475Vesta Wealth Partners Ltd.  
Cerulean Private Equity Access Fund  
Vesta Enhanced Equity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund
476Viewpoint Investment Partners Corporation  
Viewpoint Global Fund Trust
CanadaPooled Fund
477Vision Capital CorporationCanadaHedge Fund
478VL Advisors Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Labor Sponsored Fund
479W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd.CanadaPooled Fund
480WARATAH Capital Advisors Ltd.  
Waratah fund family
CanadaMutual Fund / Limited Partnership
481WaveFront Global Asset Management Corp.  
WaveFront All-Weather Fund, LP
CanadaPooled Fund / Limited Partnership
482Waypoint Investment Partners Inc.CanadaPooled Fund
483Wealhouse Capital Limited Partnership  
All funds managed by Wealhouse Capital Limited Partnership.
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
484Wealth One Bank of CanadaCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts
485WealthCo Asset Management Inc.  
WealthCo Pooled Funds  
WealthCo Asset Management Inc.
CanadaPooled Fund
486Wellington-Altus Private Counsel Ltd.  
487Wells Asset Management System Inc.CanadaMutual Fund
488West Face Capital Inc.  
WFC Opportunities Trust
CanadaMutual Fund
489Westcap Mgt. Ltd.  
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.
CanadaMutual Fund
490Westminster Savings Credit UnionCanadaMutual Fund / Segregated Fund / GIC's
491Whitehaven Asset Management Inc.CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund
492Williams Lake & District Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
493Windsor Family Credit UnionCanadaGIC's
494XIB Asset Management Inc.  
XIB Fund
CanadaUnit Trust
495Yorkville Asset Management Inc.  
Yorkville Health Care Fund  
Yorkville Mutual Funds
CanadaMutual Fund
496YTM Capital Asset Management Ltd.CanadaMutual Fund
497Zag BankCanadaGIC's / Investment Savings Accounts

One of the ways for book entry investment products (including investment funds, guaranteed investment certificates and other evidence of deposits) issued by a company or its agent to be considered and acceptable securities locations, is for the company or its Agent to sign a custody agreement with the IIROC outlining the terms upon which such securities are deposited and including provisions that no use or disposition of the securities shall be made without the prior written consent of the Member and the securities can be delivered to the Member promply on demand. IIROC has executed these agreements on behalf of SRO members in order to reduce the need for the company or its Agent to enter into individual agreements with each Member it deals with.

Another way for the company or its Agent to be considered an acceptable securities location is for the Member to have a custody agreement, which conforms to SRO by-laws directly with the company or Agent

Unless otherwise indicated, a mutual fund company / fund manager on this listing has signed an agreement only for its family of funds. Where the mutual fund company / fund manager administers a third party mutual fund it must sign a seperate agreement. Where this is the case, the listing will indicate the third party mutual fund(s) covered by the agreement.

* The agreement remains valid for regulatory purposes during the period in which the custodian is in receivership

Additions to List Since January 1, 2023

Fund Manager  
Funds covered by agreement
RegionType of ProductsDate Approved
Higgins Investment Group Inc.  
Restricted to Uber Strategis LP and Goforth Technical Fund
CanadaLimited Partnership1/12/2023
Oak Hill Asset Management Inc.  
Oak Hill Nexpoint Global Merger Arbitrage Plus Fund  
Oak Hill Nexpoint Global Merger Arbitrage Fund
CanadaMutual Fund2/13/2023
Bayxis Capital Management Inc.  
Bayxis Quantum Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership2/16/2023
Brownstone Asset Management Inc.  
Brownstone US Dividend Equity Fund
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund2/28/2023
KV Capital Inc.  
KV Mortgage Fund Inc.
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund4/11/2023
M.Y. Capital Management Corp.  
M.Y. Cycles and Trends Macro Fund
CanadaMutual Fund4/11/2023
Blue Couch Fund Administration Inc.  
Vector Mortgage Trust
CanadaMutual Fund Trust4/17/2023
De Luca Veale Investment Counsel Inc.  
DV Growth Fund
CanadaPooled Fund5/2/2023
Next Edge Capital Corp.  
Short Duration Fixed Income Private Wealth Pool  
Canadian Equity Private Wealth Pool  
Real Assets Private Wealth Pool  
U.S. Equity Private Wealth Pool  
International Equity Private Wealth Pool
CanadaPooled Fund6/1/2023
Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc.  
Onex Senior Credit Fund (Canada)  
GS+A Dividend Distribution Fund  
DS+A International Fund  
DS+A Premium Income Fund  
DS+A Premium Income Trust  
DS+A U.S. Equity Fund  
DS+A Global Special Situations Fund  
Blair Franklin Global Credit Fund (MFT)  
Onex High Yield Bond Fund (MFT)
CanadaMutual Fund6/30/2023
Gluskin Sheff & Associates Inc. (AC)  
Blair Franklin Global Credit Fund LP
CanadaLimited Partnership6/30/2023
Clifton Blake Mortgage Income Fund Trust 
Clifton Blake Mortgage Income Fund Trust
CanadaMortgage Investment Fund8/9/2023
AWM Diversified Mortgage Investment CorporationCanadaMortgage Investment Fund8/29/2023
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc. 
Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.a
CanadaMutual Fund / Pooled Fund8/29/2023

Deletions from List since January 1, 2023

Fund Manager  
Funds covered by agreement
RegionType of ProductsDate RemovedReason of Removal

Name Changes and Mergers since January 1, 2023

Fund Manager  
Funds covered by agreement
RegionType of ProductsDateComments
CanCity Capital Inc.CanadaLimited Partnership1/12/2023Name changed to Higgins CanCity Capital Inc.
StonePine Asset Management Inc.CanadaPooled Fund5/23/2023Name changed to PineStone Asset Management Inc.