Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of officers and senior employees of CIRO Members and the Chairs of CIRO Regional Councils. The PAC provides advice, comments and reports to CIRO on a variety of matters including regulatory and policy initiatives and industry trends and practices. Members of the PAC have been selected with a view to ensuring that the PAC is reasonably representative of CIRO membership.

Members of the PAC:

Name Organization
Joseph Bajic Assante Financial Management Ltd.
Darlene Barker Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.
Jason P. Downey BMO Private Wealth
Lesley Duffy Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.
Jaime Fonseca CIBC Securities Inc.
Daniel Good D.W. Good Investment Company Ltd.
David Grad PFSL Investments Canada Ltd.
Cheryl Hamilton HUB Capital Inc.
Mary Ingarao Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.
John Kennedy National Bank Investments
Christine Leclair-Day Sterling Mutuals Inc.
Brian Prosser B2B Bank Financial Services Inc.
Martha Rafuse Royal Mutual Funds Inc.
James Samanta Investia Financial Services Inc.
David Webb Fernhill Financial Corporation

(As at November 17, 2022)

Ad Hoc Working Groups

Ad Hoc Working Groups will be established by CIRO staff from time to time, as required, comprising a small number of individuals who will be invited to participate with CIRO staff in developing policy initiative recommendations.