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Be an informed investor - Don't be fooled by fraudsters misrepresenting themselves

August 29, 2023 (Toronto, Ontario) – The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) is warning Canadian investors not to be fooled by fraudsters claiming to be affiliated with CMC Markets Canada Inc.

Further to a scam we have been warned about in May (see Investor Alert: IB Platform, May 8, 2023), IB Platform now falsely claims to be an official branch of CMC Markets Canada, regulated by CIRO. IB Platform is not a member of CIRO, nor is it affiliated in any way with CMC Markets Canada Inc.

CIRO has noted a spike in impersonation schemes. In communications with investors, fraudsters claim to be associated with legitimate firms, posing as registered individuals or regulators. If you suspect anything unusual, always independently verify that the person calling or emailing you is the person they claim to be.

Often, the name given is a real individual's name, and the fraud is only revealed by a bogus email domain or phone number. Do not rely on unsolicited information, do your own research online, and contact the individual advisor, the firm, or the regulator directly to confirm it was them who had contacted you. CIRO will never ask for your banking or credit card information or copies of identification documents. Additionally, CIRO does not provide assistance with recovering funds.

Fraudsters also try to imitate legitimate financial institutions and send fake emails requesting personal or financial information. These are called phishing emails. Make sure you delete phishing emails and do not click on any links. They can carry harmful viruses that may infect your computer and steal your sensitive information.

Know exactly what you are investing in. Make sure you understand how the investment, product, or service works. Get a second opinion and seek professional advice about the investment.

Investors should also check the background, qualifications and any disciplinary history of investment advisors registered with CIRO or the CSA by checking the free AdvisorReport for advisors registered with investment dealers, or the CSA’s National Registrant Search.

If you believe you have been a victim of this or a similar scam, immediately contact your bank, local police, your provincial securities commission, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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