Seniors’ Month Investment Tips

1. Are you an informed investor?

Watch for the four common signs of investment fraud:

  1. You are promised high returns with little or no risk
  2. You get a hot tip or insider information
  3. You feel pressured to buy
  4. They’re not registered to sell investments

Find out more about how to protect yourself against typical financial scams and where to turn if you think you have been a victim.

2. Choosing an investment advisor is an important decision. Review the registration of any person or business selling you an investment or giving you investment advice by using the CSA’s National Registration Search. If an advisor is registered with an investment dealer, check their background, qualifications and disciplinary information using our Advisor Report.

3. Did you know that choosing to live at least part of the year outside of Canada could impact your investments?

Visit our investor FAQs for Ex-Pat Canadians to learn about what to do if you or your clients are considering moving to a new jurisdiction outside of Canada.

4. Are you financially prepared for what’s ahead?

Take stock of your investments and your relationship with your advisor so you can better protect yourself and make informed financial decisions. Watch video: Helpful Financial Tips for Seniors.

5. Did you know that even low-cost, Do-It-Yourself online trading accounts could feature fees and have charges that could impact your portfolio?

Visit our Investor Basics page to learn more.